Need real results really fast? Then we’re the ‘can do’ positively different change people who deliver!

We whizz through  your challenges - those things that keep you awake at night  (whether through excitement or worry) -discovering sparkling new possibilities, solving sticky problems and infecting your people with enthusiasm to deliver - whatever that means to you.

We're an award winning social enterprise. We work with organisations and individuals to build your 'can do' (capability and confidence) to make a positive difference in your own lives, communities and businesses

Think of us as one of your ‘best friend’ – we tell you what you really need to hear, we only do what’s right for you, we’re always there when you need us but we never outstay our welcome.  

We bring experience; insight; intuition; know how; fresh thinking; constructive challenge; innovative approaches that really work, pragmatic training and toolkits you can confidently use yourself.  

Our feisty facilitators, charismatic consultants, community change catalysts, and motivational mentors have not only ‘bought the t-shirt’ but worn it out so you can be sure that they can deliver the goods and help you put the fun back into whatever you do.

In return you bring an open mind, honesty, determination and dedication to do whatever change takes.