Our Values are more than words. They’re our state of mind. They’re at the heart of everything we do.

Be approachable – we’re positively nice people to do business with - no egos, respectful, warm & always ready to make a cuppa!

Be courageous –we tell it as it really is (but with love!); we dare to make a real difference

Be creative – we’re endlessly curious; we bubble with ideas; we listen to our intuition; we think ‘why not?’

Dig deep – we listen hard and search for the truth; we see beyond the obvious

Pay it forward – give generously; encourage others to do the same

Act now – together we take the first step, we make it happen; we keep it real

Have fun – we’re contagiously enthusiastic;  we keep it fresh;  we enjoy the ride

We’re passionate about our people, clients, planet and the communities we live and work in so it goes without saying that we have the ‘usual’ policies e.g. equal opportunities, safeguarding children, environment, etc in place. But our sustainability work goes further. For example check out our innovative WhyNotChange Hothouse for charities and social enterprises.

We aim to make a positive difference in everything we do.